SAUDI SHIBA INU is here to conquer the Saudi world with its Insane Passive Income and Massive Rewards

Saudi Shiba Inu ($SAUDISHIB) is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a decentralized Meme Token with a NFT Platform and own NFT Collections. In addition, the SAUDI SHIBA INU holders benefit from the reflections on every transaction. This is an auto staking feature.

Unlike projects heavily dedicated to Farming, Liquidity Pool, we aim to avoid messy price fluctuations as much as possible.

The Saudis will buy lot of Shiba Inu and Bitcoins and hence we decided to make the official Saudi version of Shiba Inu hence the name Saudi Shiba Inu.

With SAUDI SHIBA INU 2% is redistributed to all holders as part of Automatic Staking. The most evident benefit of Auto staking is that of all the other staking methods it has the smallest technical learning curve and the least amount of fuss.

As promised, here are some quantifiable benefits of auto staking with SAUDI SHIBA INU:


Unlike proof of work (pow), proof of stake requires no equipment or hardware, nor the associated costs of purchasing and maintenance.


In the stock market, brokers get paid a certain percentage or fee for every transaction. Here, each transaction pays you, the holder! In addition, tokens are added automatically to your wallet, and the more you own, the more you earn! Think of it as a cross between commission and a dividend reinvestment plan! Sit back and enjoy the ride.


In the blockchain world, ‘scalability’ refers to a computational process’s potential to handle a large amount of throughput. Proof of stake protocols, as shown by SAUDI SHIBA INU token’s high transaction outputs and lower fees, make for great scalability and therefore seamless auto staking.


One of the major benefits for Proof of Stake (holding the TOKEN) is helping the environment by cutting down on the high energy consumption of hardware usage and using an energy-efficient platform such as Ethereum-Blockchain.


Not only are Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains less expensive platforms for transactions relative to Proof of Work chains, but the inherent unstable financial risks in crypto mining do not exist in PS, which is more reliable and consistent.


In addition to being the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, the Ethereum-Blockchain ensures safety by leveraging effective security measures, providing a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), a secure wallet and a double- checking system for you to auto stake $SAUDISHIB


As part of our unique strategy, high quality SAUDI SHIBA NFTs will be uploaded and distributed on the OpenSea NFT-Platform. We are creating a powerful line of strong standing NFT collections each with a special feel, drawing in a huge number of collectors of digital art through sheer precision and demand. We bring together investors and collectors through both our NFT collections along with our token initiative.





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