ARTS DAO & Circolo Unveil ‘THE TRAVELING TRIBE COLOMBIA’: An In-depth Exploration of Art and Culture

UAE’s largest WEB3 community, Arts DAO, enters into a partnership with Colombia’s Circolo, a globally renowned hub for curating immersive experiences.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1st September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Taking a significant leap forward in intertwining art, technology, and travel, Arts DAO, the largest WEB3 arts and internet culture community in the Middle East, is thrilled to announce its successful partnership with Circolo, a globally recognised hub dedicated to curating immersive experiences, affecting global corporate assistance & creating products for digital citizens.

Over the span of 13 days across three enthralling Colombian cities, The Traveling Tribe Colombia showcased a blend of culture, music, art, culinary adventures, and networking sessions. Scheduled between July 7 and July 20, 2023, the venture caught the attention of over 500,000 individuals, mainly from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. These attendees, aged 25 to 45, showcased a spectrum of interests, from travel and technology to art, cuisine, and photography.

From an economic standpoint, the event’s contributions to the Colombian economy were notable. A direct injection of $100,000.00 was primarily channelled towards hospitality, culinary experiences, and cultural events. Additionally, $43,000.00 was indirectly contributed through avenues of art, fashion, and entertainment. The initiative also contributed a meaningful $10,000 to uplift Medellín’s thirteenth commune through artistic and agricultural endeavours.

On the employment spectrum, the event facilitated 15 direct job openings and a remarkable 85 indirect positions across the transportation, tourism, and technology sectors. An innovative feature was the blockchain-based reward system for travel in partnership with Spyralabs. The event’s significance was further underscored by the support of the Colombian embassy in the UAE and the commendations from the UAE embassy’s distinguished ambassador in Colombia. This partnership has sown the seeds for potential cultural, artistic, and commercial collaborations between the UAE and Colombia.

Central to the trip’s success was the endorsement from Procolombia and distinguished representatives from various corporate sectors. This event saw participation from over 525 individuals engaged through 6 networking events, 12 dinners, 3 business events, and an impressive 41 gastronomic, cultural, and diverse experiences. Nationally, the event garnered support from 38 corporate partners, including entities from fashion, cultural industries, technology, hospitality, and F&B.

In a recent statement, Anas Bhurtun, Co-founder and CEO of Arts DAO, reflected on a significant journey, saying, “The trip was transformational for Arts DAO members, as it takes being part of a community to the next level, far beyond what we have done before – members became like family, having experiences that even if you tried to pay for, you’d never get.”

A noteworthy aspect of the trip was the profound impact it had on its participants. Out of 30 global travellers, 16 were so enamoured by Colombia’s allure that they extended their stays. Glowing reviews celebrated the initiative, reflecting Colombia’s reputation as a beautiful, safe destination abundant in warm hospitality.

In an era where genuine, transformative experiences are increasingly valued, the collaborative initiative of ARTS DAO and Circolo stands as a paragon of the magic of immersive travel. Melding the charm of Colombian culture with global outreach, this journey undoubtedly charts a course for future initiatives aiming to foster global unity through the mediums of art, technology, and shared experiences.

Colombia and Web3:

Colombia is fast establishing itself as a global epicentre for crypto, blockchain, and the burgeoning Web3 space. Recent strategic collaborations underscore this upward trajectory. The nation’s central bank, Banco de la República, has formed a notable alliance with blockchain pioneer Ripple. This joint endeavour, bolstered by the Ministry for Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC), aims to harness Ripple’s CBDC platform to refine its high-value payments infrastructure. This move is a key component of MinTIC’s ongoing exploration into the capabilities of blockchain.

Furthermore, Latin America is emerging as a global frontrunner in NFT ownership, with Colombian women standing out as trailblazers in this innovative domain. For many in the region, NFTs serve as both a hedge against the vicissitudes of inflation and volatile markets and as affordable investment avenues. Economist Carolina Cifuentes elucidates, “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are increasingly viewed as bulwarks against wealth erosion in a region where fiat currency devaluation outpaces global averages.” She further estimates that over 3 million Colombians are crypto holders, a figure she believes might be on the conservative side given the potential anonymity of many transactions. Recent research by Finder corroborates this trend, revealing that 8% of internet-connected Colombian adults own an NFT. This shift towards digital asset embrace is gaining institutional momentum too, with local banks and governmental bodies championing blockchain’s potential—reminiscent of El Salvador’s trailblazing move to recognise bitcoin as legal tender.

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