Tijarah Holding Ltd.’s philanthropic commitment to Islamic Foundation Yayasan NU Maal Jatim

Malaysia, 6th Oct 2023, King NewsWire Tijarah Holding Ltd. (Tijarah), an innovative blockchain developer responsible for Maal Blockchain (MaalChain) and an accredited Islamic Digital Asset Service Provider (IDASP) with its headquarters in Labuan, Malaysia, is delighted to announce its philanthropic initiative. This initiative involves contributing Hibah & Waqaf to the Islamic foundation known as “Yayasan NU Maal Jatim” (NUMJ), which was established to promote the philanthropic initiatives for the benefit of Pengurus Wilayah Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU) members in active participation of digital transformation, leveraging on MaalChain.

PWNU is a regional board of Nahdlatul Ulama in East Java, Indonesia. Nahdlatul Ulama is recognized as the world’s largest independent Islamic organization, with a reported membership of 60 million in Indonesia and an additional 30 million outside the country (Source: https://brill.com). This pioneering initiative, aimed at contributing Hibah & Waqaf to NUMJ, is strategically positioned to harness the potential of blockchain technology and the MaalChain ecosystem, ultimately benefiting the extensive and diverse PWNU community at large.

Under the Hibah initiative, Tijarah, in collaboration with PWNU, aims to enhance social welfare on MaalChain by promoting the active participation of selected members, to enlarge the talent pool. NUMJ will play a crucial role in identifying deserving individuals for development and actively engage their community members in promoting NUMJ initiatives on MaalChain. Currently, 5 million users are preparing to engage with MaalChain to develop NFTs that showcase Indonesian arts, talents, and traditions on the Islamic digital marketplace known as PanSea, which forms an integral part of the MaalChain ecosystem. This remarkable growth in user engagement positions MaalChain as one of the fastest growing blockchains to enhance its utility in ecosystems. What’s even more noteworthy is that this user base will surge to 10 million participants within the next 18 months based on the agreement with NUMJ.

Additionally, as part of the Hibah initiative, Tijarah will establish the Trainers Training Program, an educational grant designed to create a certified blockchain developer training program benefiting 1,000 deserving NUMJ members. These certified individuals undertake to train and cultivate more certified blockchain developers to support the sustainable ecosystem within MaalChain.

As for the Waqf initiative, NUMJ will receive three (3) validator slots (Tier 2) on MaalChain, which will consist of a total of 7.5 million Maal coins. This allocation ensures self-sustainability for NUMJ. The rights and benefits associated with these validators will be overseen by the NUMJ board of trustees independently from Tijarah & MaalChain.

PWNU and NUMJ are actively engaged in providing expertise and guidance aimed at enhancing Shariah compliance within the MaalChain ecosystem. Their focus extends not only to Indonesia but also encompasses potential international Islamic fintech solutions seeking Shariah compliance within MaalChain. This contribution is pivotal to the task of ensuring Shariah compliance, which is a requirement for review and classification under the Islamic Digital Asset Classification Standard set to be issued by NCVC, which will be the DLT Asset Evaluators (https://www.ncrics.com/).

This philanthropic effort is a significant leap in unlocking the potential of blockchain technology to improve the lives of millions, with a particular focus on PWNU Members and Indonesia. Furthermore, it highlights Tijarah’s steadfast dedication to tackling educational and societal challenges while harnessing blockchain technology’s capabilities to foster positive change within communities.

MaalChain is at the forefront of promoting Shariah-based decentralized applications (dApps) within its blockchain as part of its paradigm shift agenda. This agenda encompasses the launch of its own ecosystem, featuring Ramz Market Cap, Ramz Swap, Ramz Launchpad, and PanSea NFT marketplace.

This innovative approach empowers MaalChain to effectively address critical challenges, such as trust, security, and regulatory compliance, making it an ideal solution for a diverse and extensive organization like PWNU.

“We are excited to announce our philanthropic initiative the NUMJ foundation & PWNU, an organization with a remarkable history and a deep dedication to its members and society apart from being the single largest Muslim organization in the world with almost 100 million members, Following the launch of this philanthropic initiative, there is an anticipation that 10 million PWNU members will embrace the MaalChain ecosystem within the next 18 months, establishing one of the fastest adoption rates in the blockchain industry.” stated Dr. Shamshudeen Bin Mohd Yunus, Chief Strategic Officer at Tijarah Holding Ltd. “NUMJ’s mission is to usher in a new era of technological innovation, education, and comprehensive support to meet the diverse needs of PWNU members.”

About Yayasan NU Maal Jatim

Yayasan NU Maal Jatim (NUMJ) was established to develop digital talent among Nahdlatul Ulama & Indonesia members.

Pengurus Wilayah Nahdlatul Ulama, Jawa Timur (PWNU) is the regional board of Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia. Nahdlatul Ulama is the world’s largest independent Islamic organization, with 60 million members in Indonesia and 30 million worldwide. PWNU provides a wide range of services, including leadership, guidance, and support to meet the needs of its members and communities. PWNU also operates hospitals, schools, universities, agricultural groups, and more, extending its services to non-members in accordance with the Indonesian state ideology of Pancasila (www.nu.or.id).

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