MAOCAT Launches First Presale on Ethereum for Cat-Based Memecoin

Hong kong, 30th April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The MAOCAT team recently launched the presale phase for their cat-based memecoin, a total debut on the Ethereum blockchain. Feline crypto enthusiasts now have a golden opportunity to join this cool new project. 

After years of dog-themed memes market domination, MAOCAT wants to shake things up and give cats the spotlight they deserve. Becoming a proud MAOCAT holder is as easy as connecting a hot wallet and purchasing tokens on the presale page. 

A Golden Opportunity for Feline Crypto Fans

The MAOCAT’s presale presents a new opportunity for feline crypto enthusiasts. The operation has already managed to sell over half of its planned tokens. This leaves an exciting prospect for investors to purchase the remaining MAOCAT tokens. 

In Phase 1, the starting price of the token is $0.0015, but it will gradually increase to $0.003, phase after phase. With a total supply of 5,000,000,000 tokens, the presale allocation is 60% of this amount. 

In terms of taxation structure, the MAOCAT project has a clear system in place. With a 3% marketing tax, 3% LP tax, and 2% development tax, there are no buy and sell taxes. In terms of rewards, users can benefit from staking rewards, NFT token compensation, governance participation, and transaction fee payments. 

It is also worth mentioning that the project features four pillars within its ecosystem:

  • An NFT collection of 10,000 unique MAO CAT NFTs
  • An NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain
  • A decentralized exchange (DEX) called MAO SWAP for DeFi 2.0 solutions
  • A gaming platform for users to enjoy and earn rewards using $MAO tokens

In this context, MAO tokens will serve as the primary utility tokens for all these ecosystems. This means that MAO will effectively be the core asset for this community.

How to Become a Proud MAOCAT Holder

Buying MAO tokens is straightforward. To start, traders must have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. MetaMask is a popular option. Once the wallet is ready, users can access the MAOCAT presale platform through its official website.

Once on the platform, users must connect their wallets to enable transactions. From there, they can purchase MAOCAT tokens by selecting their desired amount and following the instructions to confirm the transaction.

As the team’s 3-stage roadmap shows, this project is only getting started. In short, the team will continue to launch various features and initiatives to develop the MAOCAT ecosystem further. This includes the launch of the Mao cat game, 10,000 NFTs, and an NFT marketplace on platforms like Opensea.


MAOCAT is a new Ethereum cat memecoin that is quickly gaining popularity. Thanks to its ecosystem (featuring four subprojects), MAOCAT is drawing in an increasing number of holders. After a long list of successful dog-based memecoins, the team is launching cats into the spotlight on the Ethereum network.

MAOCAT offers an advanced staking program where participants can earn rewards in $MAO tokens at a dynamic rate over time. This incentivizes holders to keep their tokens and encourages new users to join in and stake their tokens.

The MAOCAT presale is ongoing and allows anyone with an ERC-20 wallet to participate. By reserving $MAO tokens through the purchase window, crypto fans can become early investors in this promising project.

Anyone wishing to learn more about MAOCAT can easily refer to the project’s website and whitepaper. The social pages at the bottom let users stay up-to-date on MAOCAT’s news and developments.

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