Featured in USA Today: The Human Gathering Celebrates Feature in USA Today

Michigan, US, 2nd May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Human Gathering is excited to recently be featured in USA Today where The Human Gathering was highlighted as a concept that brings humans together to make a difference in the world.

In a culture where we experience chaos and polarization in nearly every waking moment, what if there was a place where members could contribute in a safe and collaborative environment? If this resonates, then coming across the Human Gathering network might just be what potential members may be been in search of.

Born in 2014 from the frustration of other networks, groups and organizations, the Human Gathering was created with the shared concept of bringing humans together who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

What initially began in the living room of a Co-Founder quickly outgrew the couches and chairs, evolving into a private annual conference. In 2019, another shift was driven by the desire of members to stay connected for more than just a few days a year. Those initial gatherings had sparked meaningful relationships that ultimately led to the professional network and personal community that many have found home in.

The Human Gathering is a private network that unites high performing leaders, entrepreneurs and hard working humans who are introspective and strive to lead a life of impact. This is not a traditional “elite” network where membership is determined by wealth or economic status. Instead, candidates are vetted through standards of integrity, honesty and a candid demeanor. This fosters a special atmosphere in which people can connect on cornerstones of trust and vulnerability.

One-to-one human connection is highly prioritized by this unique community. Through monthly curated connections, resource sharing platforms and meaningful conversations, members of the Human Gathering aim to positively impact one another in personal and professional goals. Serendipity and curation exist in harmony as members collaborate throughout the year.

Human Gathering members coming together in Napa Valley. Photo Credit The Human Gathering

With this, members of the Human Gathering have come together to accomplish an array of professional achievements. From organizing businesses and groundbreaking start ups to developing apps and strategies. Some have scaled the corporate ladder with the help of connections, exemplifying unparalleled relationships and collaboration. Additionally, the community includes seasoned professionals who have navigated the intricacies of business transactions and changes. All contributing to the whirlwind of the professional journey.

Traditional boundaries of success could be defined by personal and professional achievements but the Human Gathering took it one step further. Members synergize their diverse resources to develop tangible movement and solutions in tackling some of humanity’s most formidable challenges.


Standing as one of the groundbreaking philanthropic initiatives within the Human Gathering community, a project once code named “Descendants”, presented the desire to gather together the descendants of iconic civil rights leaders. Addressing the social injustices that have now spanned decades and generations, was now imperative. Co-Founder Joshua Jordison stated, “It was amazing that many of them had never met.” Change cannot be observed when unity does not exist.

In the company of Human Gathering network members, families from the lineage of Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Hariett Tubman and dozens more, came together on what marked a historic day. February 13th, 2024 – Walls within the White House murmured history in the making as the Descendants pioneered beyond a titled project and officially moved forward as a distinctive and powerful coalition.

The Co-Founders of the Human Gathering never viewed this mission through a partisan or political lens but tackled it as a collective human responsibility to defy civil rights injustices.

In days following that poignant gathering, Co-Founder of the Human Gathering Wesley Chapman encapsulated the historic moment by sharing, “I am ecstatic that this has transpired! For the first time in history we can give a voice to the voiceless without an agenda from a political figure or business entity. It’s time for these families to collectively lead the charge in creating a sustainable and effective world of equality.”

Humanitarian Focal Points for 2024

As the Human Gathering community enters 2024, they are committed to addressing pressing issues that demand urgent attention. At the forefront of their mission is the dedication to combat crimes against children. Members are driven by a shared passion to create a world where humans are shielded from harm, have access to advocates and put the well-being of children at top priority.

Sitting with Co-Founder Welsey Chapman and discovering the challenges of his childhood, it is evident as to why he is wildly passionate about protecting the children we stand alongside every day. “We must collectively learn how to navigate the epidemic of crimes against children.” Chapman urged. “Nearly 40 million humans, most of whom are children, are in slavery around the world with the United States being one of the top producers and consumers of child pornography.”

In addition to their advocacy of child protection, the Human Gathering recognizes the severity of the food crisis – Not only within the United States but across the globe. As this is a new endeavor, members of the community will be coming together in Spring 2024 in Dallas, Texas to formulate plan structure and action items. It is well known that 1 in 5 children go hungry but the unknown is that this may be one of the most under-reported statistics. By channeling collective efforts, talents and connections, the Human Gathering network sets sights on a world that values the welfare of every individual, irrespective of age or geographical location.

Furthermore, the Human Gathering’s 2024 focus extends to addressing the plight of homeless veterans. These brave individuals, who have selflessly served their nations, often find themselves without adequate support upon returning to civilian life.

Upon speaking with the Human Gathering team, we learned that in 2021 a member came to them with these veterans heavy on their mind. Members gathered in 2021 for a three day intensive where this became a highlighted topic of conversation. Collective minds created a plan that within the next two and half years came to fruition in advocating for policy changes and collaborating with organizations to provide comprehensive assistance as well as resources for these homeless veterans. Ensuring that those who have sacrificed for their countries are not left to face homelessness and hardship.

Through these endeavors, members themselves are never required or asked to support from their own financial means. Through external connections and raising awareness, members are able to cultivate means to carry out these initiatives that leave our world and the humans filling it, in a better state.

So what does it mean to be a member of the Human Gathering?

The journey of business, leadership, family and life itself can be a path of loneliness and occasionally, isolation. Business card exchanges and pocketbook weighing can become overbearing at large conferences and masterminds. Many professionals find themselves taking a step back in search of something more genuine, finally challenging the repeated loop of traditional paths to “success”.

Human Gathering members coming together at the co-founders Private Ranch.. Photo Credit The Human Gathering

Being a member of the Human Gathering means access to a vast network of authentic people who share a like-mindedness that there is work to be done in the lives of those around us and the world as a whole.

In terms of ROI and profitability, a new definition could be considered. In networking with professionals, natural transactions, victories and milestones are achieved. Members come together in business start-ups and authoring books. But the question is not about how much money members will make – It’s about how much impact members can have. This impact ultimately leads to the profits needed to sustain members ability to continue not only the work that pays the bills, but the work that members love. At the heart of the Human Gathering community lies a belief that authentic relationships should precede transactions.

Within this supportive environment, members cultivate relationships that go beyond the superficiality often associated with elite groups. They are the threads creating a tapestry of enduring friendships that extend well beyond our achievements in this life.

So, if one finds themself to be the recipient of an invitation to apply to the Human Gathering, it is indeed real. A first intuition might spark the question, “Is this too good to be true?” However, upon delving into the opportunity to learn what the Human Gathering is all about – They’ll discover a community of lifelong learners, vulnerable humans and as they say, “good people”.

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