Exploring Noahswap: Non-Performing Assets Solutions in Web3 Space

Malaysia, 4th Sep 2023 – Noahswap is the World’s First Non-Performing Asset (NPA) platform, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for cryptocurrency investors, assisting users in mitigating and avoiding investment losses. Through the staking of NPAs, Noahswap not only yields returns from its community of investors, but also brings light to your confidence by unlocking long-term values, enhancing profitability and offering a lifeline to those who have faced challenges in the volatile market.

Set to debut on September 1st, the Noahswap website boasts a suite of groundbreaking features and prospects. A highlight is the premier Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for its utility token, NOAH. This offers enthusiasts a unique chance to engage with Noahswap’s foundational phase and to be part of its pioneers ahead.

Non-Performing Assets in the Bear Market

Before delving into the core ecosystem of Noahswap, let’s first understand the Non-Performing Assets (NPA).

Non-Performing Assets (NPA) traditionally originate from loans, debts, or investments tied to banks, financial entities, or corporate ventures. These assets earn their non-performing status when borrowers default or when investments plummet in value, making NPA management pivotal for maintaining the financial institutions’ equilibrium.

In this crypto world where everything is decentralized, similar issues arise. People acquire assets through DeFi projects, mining, or token investments, yet bear market could lead to a sharp decline in asset value, especially during market crash. Many holders hesitate to liquidate their holdings, often leading to financial strains due to dwindling portfolio values and ensuing liquidity concerns. Therefore, in the blockchain world, it is imperative for holders to embrace risk-mitigation tactics: diversifying portfolios, thoroughly understanding projects, and constantly recalibrating investment strategies.

Noahswap’s Solution

At the heart of Noahswap is the mission to breathe life into what are termed ‘Non-Performing Assets’ (NPAs). Through a unique staking mechanism, Noahswap allows users to consolidate their undervalued NPAs into asset bundles. Once staked on the platform, users are compensated with the equivalent value in the stablecoin, NUSD. Thanks to an amplification process, these NUSD tokens mirror the value of the staked assets, offering a streamlined and effective strategy for users to boost potential returns.

Deep Dive into Stake-Trading Model Analysis:

Building Asset Bundle: Users can compose an asset bundle from Non-Performing Assets across different mainnets and stake it on the Noahswap platform. Noahswap supports ETH, Polygon, BSC, and Arbitrum, covering 97% of the token market.

– Staking and NUSD Allocation:: Noahswap issues users an appropriate quantity of NUSD based on the value of the staked asset bundle. NUSD serves as an internal stablecoin. The issuance of NUSD is linked to the value of the staked asset bundle, ensuring that the stablecoin is backed by actual assets.

Asset Bundle Value Multiplication: The NUSD derived from the staked assets can be amplified by factors ranging between 2x to 10x. This value magnification is crafted to enhance potential returns, making every staked NPA even more valuable

– Capitalizing on Returns: The amplified NUSD is versatile. Users can trade, hold, or explore a myriad of operations with it, fully harnessing and reaping potential returns.

Noahswap’s Tokenomics

The tokenomics of Noahswap is designed to create a stable, innovative, and versatile ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of two main tokens: NUSD and NOAH.

NUSD serves as a synthetic asset stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to USDT, ensuring stability of value. Additionally, the platform introduces the concept of asset amplification. By minting NUSD, users can amplify the value of their assets by 2-10 times, providing them with higher potential value.

The NOAH token is far more than just a token. It can also be used for trading, staking, and mining within the platform, facilitating stable value growth.Further pushing the envelope of innovation, users can stake NOAH to obtain the veNOAH ownership coefficient. Here’s where it gets interesting: veNOAH, a derivative of NOAH, holds equal value and maintains a 1:1 peg with NOAH. It empowers users to enjoy staking rewards without compromising asset access, thereby enhancing their yield boost in liquidity mining, along with increased voting and proposal rights.

For the crypto industry to truly flourish and magnetize trillions in capital investment, platforms like Noahswap aren’t just desirable — they’re indispensable. These platforms need to possess comprehensive systems for assessing, disposing of, and managing Non-Performing Asset to minimise losses and maintain market stability.

As the pioneer in the Non-Performing Asset management field, Noahswap presents a tremendous market opportunity within the cryptocurrency industry. Its decentralized, transparent, and efficient nature introduces entirely new investment opportunities for investors, injecting fresh vitality into the Non-Performing Assets management sector.

Yet, as the market matures and investor acumen sharpens, the demands for comprehensive risk-centric services will ascend. Anticipating this trajectory, Noahswap is poised to expand its offerings, encapsulating risk evaluation and varied asset distribution to resonate with market needs. This foresight, coupled with its pioneering initiatives, solidifies Noahswap’s stature as a beacon of innovation and metamorphosis in the NPA management arena.

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Prepare for an Epic Musical Journey: ‘9 PARABLES’ by Kinetic 9 and 3Sixdy Coming Soon

Renowned rapper Kinetic 9, of Wu-Tang Clan and Killarmy fame, joins forces with producer 3Sixdy for “9 PARABLES,” a genre-defying masterpiece.

New York, United States, 4th Sep 2023 – Prepare yourself for a masterpiece that will captivate your mind and uplift your spirit. Renowned rapper Kinetic 9 who is associated with rap groups, like Killarmy and Wu-Tang Clan has teamed up with the producer 3Sixdy, known for his exceptional work with the rap group B.L.A.C.C. Heart. Together they are set to release their anticipated album titled “9 PARABLES” on September 15, 2023.

“9 PARABLES” is not another album; it represents a fusion of two remarkable talents. Kinetic 9’s exceptional lyrical skills, honed through years of experience alongside rap collectives blend seamlessly with 3Sixdys production style promising a listening experience like no other. With nine thought-provoking tracks this album aims to push the boundaries of hip-hop and make a lasting impact on the genre.

This exciting musical collaboration is brought to you by the label known as 360 Sound And Vision. This label has gained recognition for its dedication to pushing the boundaries of music and artistry. “9 PARABLES” will be available for download as well as, in CD and vinyl formats ensuring that fans can enjoy it in their preferred way.

One of the aspects of “9 PARABLES” lies within its profound philosophical undertones.

Taking inspiration from the theories of Nikola Tesla, Kinetic 9 and 3Sixdy have collaborated on an album that explores thought-provoking themes. The album also includes guest-appearances from Wu-Tang Clan rappers Method Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. This album from Kinetic 9 and 3Sixdy invite listeners to embark on a journey of self-reflection and exploration.

If you’re curious, about what’s in store you can check out the album details on the albums official Discogs page:

Kinetic 9, 3Sixdy Tha God – 9 Parables (2023, CD) – Discogs

For those to delve further into the world of “9 PARABLES,” both songs and videos are available for download. Immerse yourself in the captivating lyrics and mesmerizing sound scapes that Kinetic 9 and 3Sixdy have crafted.

“9 PARABLES” is more than an album; it’s an experience that traverses realms of philosophy, music, and creativity. Mark your calendars for September 15 2023 as this release promises to be a milestone in the realm of hip-hop.

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Email: info@360soundandvision.com

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WEMIX3.0 welcomes CertiK as a node council partner WONDER 9

  • CertiK, the most trusted security firm in the global blockchain industry
  • To strengthen the security of the WEMIX ecosystem with its world’s top-tier technical skills

SEOUL, South Korea, 4th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Wemade welcomed a global blockchain security company CertiK as a member of 40 WONDERS, or node council partners of its mainnet WEMIX3.0 .

Joined as WONDER 9, CertiK was founded in 2018 by professors of Columbia and Yale including its cofounder Ronghui Gu. The NYC-based company continues to expand its business and services worldwide.

CertiK has completed audits on 4000+ projects, securing over 360 billion USD of assets, and detected over 70,000 vulnerabilities to date.

Since the two companies signed an MOU last year, smart contract audits on many WEMIX projects have been handled by CertiK, the most trusted web3 security partner in the global blockchain industry. 

WEMIX will continue to work with CertiK, the world’s top-tier technical expert, to ensure the security of the WEMIX ecosystem.

Detailed information on 40 WONDERS can be found at https://40wonders.wemix.com/


A renowned industry leader in game development with over 20 years of experience, Korea-based WEMADE is leading a once-in-a-generation shift as the gaming industry pivots to blockchain technology. Through its WEMIX subsidiary, WEMADE aims to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by building an experience-based, platform-driven, and service-oriented mega-ecosystem to offer a wide spectrum of intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use Web3 services. Visit www.wemix.com/communication for more information.

Sastanaqqam Nears Completion of Its Game-Centric Blockchain: A New Dawn for Developers and DApps

Dubai, UAE, 4th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the world of gaming and decentralized applications (DApps), Sastanaqqam has announced that it is on the brink of finalizing its very own blockchain dedicated exclusively to games and DApps. This innovative endeavor promises to provide a robust and scalable infrastructure, catering specifically to the unique demands of the gaming and DApp community.

Sastanaqqam, already renowned for its pioneering blend of art, blockchain, and entertainment in the Web 3.0 space, is taking a monumental leap with this initiative. Recognizing the exponential growth and potential of the gaming industry, coupled with the rise of DApps, Sastanaqqam aims to offer a blockchain solution that addresses the specific challenges and requirements of these sectors.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Alongside the launch of its blockchain, Sastanaqqam is also introducing an incubation program and academy for adopters. This initiative is designed to nurture, guide, and support developers, startups, and enthusiasts who wish to venture into the world of blockchain-based gaming and DApps. By providing resources, mentorship, and a state-of-the-art platform, Sastanaqqam is positioning itself as a beacon for innovation and growth in the decentralized world.

The Sastanaqqam Academy will serve as a knowledge hub, offering courses, workshops, and hands-on training sessions for budding developers and blockchain enthusiasts. It aims to bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring that adopters are well-equipped to harness the full potential of the Sastanaqqam blockchain.

The incubation program, on the other hand, will act as a catalyst for startups and developers, providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to bring their innovative ideas to life. With a focus on fostering innovation and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in gaming and DApps, this program is set to be a game-changer.

In conclusion, as Sastanaqqam stands on the cusp of launching its dedicated gaming blockchain, the future looks promising for developers, gamers, and the broader DApp community. With a commitment to innovation, education, and growth, Sastanaqqam is not just launching a blockchain; it’s ushering in a new era for the decentralized world.

About Sastanaqqam

Sastanaqqam is a project that launched as a result of NFTs going mainstream.

The project started when they explored how to switch from a traditional business model – in art and art collecting – to a decentralized one using blockchain technologies.

From this vision was born a range of projects to be developed around this, such as the Wallet, native token (Blue Token), Marketplace, NFT RentalPlace, Virtual Museum, Staking Platform, and P2E Games. In this article, we explore every aspect of that project in more details: showing you what you can experience and benefit from on the Sastanaqqam Platform.

Sastanaqqam creates a thriving Web 3.0 ecosystem by converging decentralization, digitization, and entertainment. As a dynamic hub for artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts, we offer blockchain-powered services that elevate the experience. Our platforms include a Digital art gallery, a Rental service for art display, and a crypto Wallet. Future developments include a virtual Museum and entertainment Platform designed to empower users’ Web 3.0 journey

Sastanaqqam’s varied services include a robust DeFi platform, state-of-the-art art platforms, an engaging entertainment segment, and an education platform focused on enhancing financial literacy. Their services, supported by the Blue Token, epitomize the tenets of Web 3.0 by offering users decentralized and digitized services across several domains.

Sastanaqqam, a pioneering company that blends decentralization, digitization, and entertainment in a Web 3.0 ecosystem, declared a new strategic alliance with Unicsoft, a highly respected technology consulting company. This exciting collaboration signals a leap forward in enhancing and developing innovative solutions within the blockchain sector.

IceKredit Secures Third Prize in Global AI Drug R&D Algorithm Contest, Showcasing the power of ‘AI for Science

BEIJING — Tsinghua University recently played host to the finals of the inaugural Global AI Drug R&D Algorithm Competition, a prestigious event that drew attention from academic and industry circles alike. After a fierce showdown among 878 teams hailing from universities, research institutions, and corporations across the globe, the joint team of IceKredit and Nanjing University emerged as a standout force, clinching the coveted third prize.

This pioneering competition, co-sponsored by Baidu PaddlePaddle, Tsinghua University School of Pharmacy, and Lingang Laboratory, garnered robust backing from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and other pivotal entities. A panel of distinguished experts and professors in the biopharmaceutical domain lent their insights, serving as the competition’s esteemed jury.

The competition garnered participation from 1105 individuals within 878 teams worldwide, amassing a total of 6080 algorithmic submissions. IceKredit’s collaboration with Nanjing University yielded a formidable contender. Following an intense three-month preliminary and semi-final phase, the partnership found itself locked in combat with 14 exceptional teams hailing from luminaries such as Microsoft Research Asia, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, and Xi’an Jiaotong University during the finals. The ultimate showdown encompassed on-site defenses and in-depth discussions covering competition question strategies, core theories, data analytics and manipulation, and algorithmic solutions. Out of this crucible, the IceKredit-Nanjing University alliance clinched the third spot with distinction.

The competition’s focal point rested on pressing matters, including small molecule drug development for addressing the novel coronavirus. The driving aim was to galvanize participants to harness the power of artificial intelligence in unveiling potential remedies for the virus. This involved leveraging deep learning and molecular docking techniques to predict and evaluate interactions between small molecules and key proteases. Additionally, participants scrutinized the potential of these molecules to thwart virus replication within cells, essentially seeking out promising drug candidates. This bold initiative aspired to elevate innovation in the realm of drug research and development, while fostering a robust foundation for future disease prevention and treatment.

The triumphant collaborative effort between IceKredit and the Christopher J. Butch research group at Nanjing University began with the preliminary rounds. Here, the team engaged a diverse array of conventional machine learning algorithms such as Bayesian docking, SVM, LightGBM, GBDT, along with advanced deep neural network models including Transformer-CNN, GCN, and D-MPNN.  The team tried several different molecular representations, including 3D molecular conformation data, graph features, and molecular characterization methodologies like Morgan Fingerprinting, to anticipate enzyme activity. Notably, the SVM model trained with Morgan fingerprinting emerged as a standout performer, effectively predicting enzyme activity.

In the semi-final round, participants grappled with the complex task of predicting molecular activity in Caco2 cell experiments. Rising to the challenge, the IceKredit-Nanjing University consortium pioneered a method of feature fusion, artfully enhancing the GEM baseline model. A new MFP encoder structure was introduced, with a focus on imbuing graph features and global attention to molecular structure. This was combined with local structural information within molecules, courtesy of Morgan fingerprints. The result was a more holistic molecular data representation, augmenting the model’s predictive capacity and classification prowess. This innovative approach mitigated overfitting risks, elevating overall model generalization. The team also introduced dropout mechanisms and strategically divided the training and validation sets based on molecular scaffold, ensuring the model’s performance was rigorously tested against novel molecules.

Since March 2022, IceKredit and Nanjing University have embarked on a collaborative journey, delving into AI applications within the medical domain. Their efforts focus on computer-aided drug molecular design methodologies, blending artificial intelligence, molecular dynamics simulation, and computational biology with traditional chemistry and biology laboratories. The outcome is an accelerated discovery process for potential drug molecules.

In the span of a mere year, this partnership has yielded impressive outcomes. Apart from securing honors in the competition, the collaborative team recently published a groundbreaking SCI paper titled “Improving Drug Discovery with a Hybrid Deep Generative Model Using Reinforcement Learning Trained on a Bayesian Docking Approximation.” This novel drug discovery method, a hybrid of deep generative models and reinforcement learning, has demonstrated remarkable potential. Utilizing approximate docking scores predicted by a Bayesian regression model, the method generates new compounds that outperform docking scores of similarly sized molecules by 10-20%, all while expediting the process 130 times faster than conventional docking methods. The innovative approach holds the promise of efficiently uncovering novel chemical molecular structures with potential therapeutic applications.

Jeton Wallet Brings Customers Apple Pay, a Faster and More Convenient Way to Pay

LONDON, UK, September 04, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Jeton Wallet, a payment company based in the UK for rapid and secure payments as well as an all-in-one account solution in several currencies, today brings its customers Apple Pay, a safer, more secure and private way to pay that helps customers avoid handing their payment card to someone else, touching physical buttons or exchanging cash — and uses the power of iPhone to protect every transaction.

Customers simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near a payment terminal to make a contactless payment. Every Apple Pay purchase is secure because it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode, as well as a one-time unique dynamic security code. Apple Pay is accepted in grocery stores, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and many more places.

Customers can also use Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to make faster and more convenient purchases in apps or on the web in Safari without having to create accounts or repeatedly type in shipping and billing information. Apple Pay makes it easier to pay for food and grocery deliveries, online shopping, transportation, and parking, among other things. Apple Pay can also be used to make payments in apps on Apple Watch.

Security and privacy are at the core of Apple Pay. When customers use a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored in the Secure Element, an industry-standard, certified chip designed to store the payment information safely on the device.

Apple Pay is easy to set up. On iPhone, simply open the Wallet app, tap +, and follow the steps to add Jeton Wallet’s VISA debit card – Jeton Card. Once a customer adds a card to iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, they can start using Apple Pay on that device right away. Customers will continue to receive all of the rewards and benefits offered by Jeton Wallet’s card.

For more information on Apple Pay, visit: http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/. For more information on Jeton Wallet, please visit https://www.jeton.com/


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Potion Celebrates a Remarkable Milestone: Over 2 Million Videos Generated Using AI-Powered Personalization

United States, 3rd Sep 2023, King NewsWirePotion, the leading innovator in AI-driven video personalization for sales and marketing, is thrilled to announce a momentous achievement in its journey—a staggering 2 million+ videos have been generated on the Potion platform, transforming the landscape of video prospecting.

The rapid ascent of Potion signifies not just a numerical feat but a profound shift in the way businesses engage with potential clients and partners. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video, Potion has not only revitalized the concept of prospecting but also set a new standard for personalization and engagement.

Potion’s AI-driven platform empowers sales and marketing professionals to craft dynamic, data-driven video messages that resonate with their target audience on a deeply personal level. The result? Higher response rates, stronger connections, and, ultimately, more successful sales and marketing campaigns.

A Pioneering Path to 2 Million Videos

The journey to this milestone has been one of innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to simplifying video prospecting while elevating its effectiveness. Since its inception, Potion has been relentless in its pursuit of AI-powered personalization for sales videos.

“At Potion, we believe that every interaction is an opportunity to build a meaningful connection,” says Kanad Bahalkar, Co-founder of Potion. “Our journey to 2 million+ videos is a testament to the trust our clients place in our technology and the transformative impact it has on their businesses.”

Potion’s journey started with a vision: to provide sales and marketing professionals with the tools they need to create personalized video messages at scale. The traditional, manual approach to personalization was often time-consuming and resource-intensive. Potion set out to change that.

AI-Powered Personalization: A Game-Changer

The heart of Potion’s success lies in its AI-powered personalization capabilities. The platform enables users to create videos that address recipients by name, showcase their branding, and address their specific needs, all automatically. It’s a level of personalization that was once thought impossible to achieve at scale.

By automating the personalization process, Potion has freed up countless hours for sales and marketing professionals, allowing them to focus on what matters most—building genuine connections with their audience.

Revolutionizing the Video Prospecting Market

The 2 million+ videos generated on the Potion platform represent more than just a milestone; they symbolize a revolution in the video prospecting market. As AI continues to shape the future of sales and marketing, Potion stands at the forefront of this transformation.

Potion’s technology has already demonstrated its potential across various industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Whether it’s converting leads into loyal customers or nurturing existing relationships, Potion’s impact is undeniable.

The Bright Future of Video Prospecting

With 2 million+ videos behind them, Potion is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it’s looking forward to an even brighter future for video prospecting.

Potion envisions a world where every sales and marketing professional can effortlessly create personalized videos that connect on a human level. The company believes that AI will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping this future, making personalization at scale not just a possibility but a standard practice.

As the video prospecting market evolves, Potion is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The company’s research and development teams are dedicated to refining its AI algorithms, improving user experiences, and expanding its offerings to cater to a diverse range of industries and use cases.

Potion’s Commitment to Excellence

Potion’s remarkable journey to 2 million+ videos would not have been possible without the trust and support of its clients and partners. The company is deeply grateful for their continued commitment to excellence.

The Potion team is driven by a shared passion for innovation and a desire to empower businesses of all sizes to succeed in the digital age. With their expertise and dedication, they are committed to delivering even more groundbreaking solutions in the years to come.

Join Potion in Shaping the Future of Video Prospecting

Potion invites businesses, professionals, and innovators from all industries to join them in shaping the future of video prospecting. The 2 million+ videos generated so far are just the beginning, and Potion is excited about the limitless possibilities ahead.

For more information about Potion and its AI-powered video personalization platform, visit www.sendpotion.com

About Potion

Potion is a trailblazer in the world of AI-driven video personalization for sales and marketing. The company’s platform empowers businesses to create personalized video messages that connect with their audience on a profound level. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, Potion is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with potential clients and partners.






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The “Echo” of a Thousand Year Old Street: Songyang, Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Hustle and Bustle Renewal

United States, 3rd Sep 2023 – Located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, Songyang County is known as the “county sample of classical China”. In 2022, Songyang Mingqing Ancient Street was selected as the “National Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism Integration Development Selection Project”.

In the same year, a diverse design team of 1990s young designers was attracted by the unique hustle and bustle atmosphere of Songyang Old Street – the “Studio RE+N” composed of graduates from Harvard University, Tsinghua University, and Tongji University in architecture, also started their design research on intangible spaces, And invited 7 store owners from the old street to jointly create a set of scriptless, daily life perspective based documentary videos through a “participatory image production” approach.

From August 8th to August 22nd, at the Songyang Mingqing Old Street, known as the “Living Qingming Riverside Map”, organized by Studio RE+N and co organized by Songyang County Rural Revitalization Service Group, the exhibition “Please Listen – Post-90s Architects Dialogue with Songyang Old Street” was held at the former site of Songyang County Bank (No. 122 Renmin Street, Songyang County).

The exhibition is initiated by the Studio RE+N team, comprising Yuting Zhang, Pu Zhang, Shimin Cao, and Yu Qiao. Shimin Cao, currently a co-founder and principal at RE+N and an associate landscape designer at TBG partners, serves as the lead curator for the exhibition. Rong Jia, a seasoned graphic designer with a master’s degree from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), leads the graphic design efforts. Shimin and Rong’s expertise has masterfully translated the vibrant “hustle and bustle atmosphere” of Songyang Street into an immersive experience for the audience at the exhibition site.

The video, a collaborative effort between Studio RE+N and seven shop owners, beautifully portrays the legacy of intangible cultural heritage and the skilled artisans of Songyang Old Street. It vividly captures the essence of daily life in this bustling locale.

Concurrently with the exhibition’s opening on August 8th, distinguished experts including Professor Ge Zhong from Tsinghua University’s School of Architecture, Associate Professor Diyu Liu from Tongji University’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and Huan Huang, Director of the Research Department at the Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, engaged in a thematic discussion at the exhibition site. The conversation centered on “Multiple Perspectives on Hustling Old Streets – Potential Approaches to Interpret and Sustain Local Character.” This dialogue delved into the preservation of intangible cultural heritage and the rejuvenation of the county.

Notably, Songyang County’s leaders also graced the exhibition, participating in insightful discussions with the experts. In recent years, the county has been actively promoting the fusion of cultural tourism with industries such as agriculture, handicrafts, and artistic creation. It has undertaken significant restoration projects for key cultural heritage sites like the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum,” “Old Post and Telecommunications Bureau,” and “Wang’s Ancestral Hall.” Furthermore, it has constructed vital cultural exchange centers like the “Wenli Three Temples Cultural Exchange Center” and “Shanying Jianshan Hall,” along with several demonstration projects including “Mountain Miscellaneous” and “Niaoshe.”

Experts emphasize that safeguarding ancient streets transcends physical preservation. They advocate for the conservation of intangible cultural heritage, traditional craftsmanship, and the livelihoods of local merchants while retaining the vibrant atmosphere of these historic streets. This holistic approach aims to prevent the homogenization of counties and streets, preserving their unique identities. At the exhibition, visitors can experience the daily interactions of seven shop owners, complete with the rhythmic sounds of cotton thumping, scales clanging, and the sizzling of fried lamp trays (a specialty snack in Songyang), echoing the lively spirit of this thousand-year-old street.

Ge Zhong: Four Attributes of “Hustle and Bustle Atmosphere” and Considerations for Protection Strategies

Ge Zhong mentioned that it’s difficult to provide a formal and accurate definition for the “Hustle and Bustle atmosphere,” but it can be observed and summarized through four aspects: tradition, everyday life, openness, and inclusiveness. These four attributes help people understand the essence and characteristics of the “Hustle and Bustle atmosphere.”

Firstly, the “hustle and bustle atmosphere” is the accumulation of mass activities and an expression of long-term regional cultural accumulation and inheritance, thus presenting the attribute of “tradition.”

Secondly, the “hustle and bustle atmosphere” focuses on the “everyday” lives of ordinary people, rather than specific city events, and certainly not the grand narratives of urban celebrations. This also reflects the shift in urban planning and construction towards focusing on the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Thirdly, the “hustle and bustle atmosphere” is an open presentation of urban life in public spaces. It is the result of the expansion of urban space creation from “sites” and “places” to “scenes.”

Fourthly, inclusiveness can also be described as diversity and hybridity. The diverse businesses on Songyang Old Street include various dining options, bookstores, cultural functions, as well as blacksmith and carpenter workshops, presenting a diverse and inclusive real-life appearance.

Diyu Liu: Behind the Commercial Streets Are Opportunities for Livelihood

Some describe Songyang as blending rustic vibes with modern flair, reflecting a shared cross-cultural perception. This ‘hustle bustle atmosphere’ is deeply intertwined with the local way of life. In both urban and rural Songyang, you’ll find elements of both the ‘modern flair’ and ‘rustic vibe.’

Inspired by ‘Along the River During the Qingming Festival,’ Diyu observes that commercial areas often host a diverse community reliant on street-based livelihoods. These individuals, due to limited living space, spend a significant part of their lives on the streets, functioning as both consumers and producers. This dynamic results in a vibrant yet seemingly chaotic traditional commercial street culture.

Additionally, Diyu emphasizes the two phases of heritage preservation: the first pertains to physical conservation, while the second delves into the intricate connection between material and non-material aspects. Many old streets offer ‘local specialties,’ which intriguingly resemble similar items from different cultural regions.

Huan Huang: Old Streets are Memory Textures Formed by Everyday Life

Huan Huang highlights that the “hustle and bustle atmosphere” is a memory texture derived from everyday life, seen through the lens of intangible cultural heritage. This concept refers to people’s ways of life and production.

Citing the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Huan highlights the importance of preserving intangible heritage in modern society. This heritage encompasses social practices, ideas, performances, knowledge, skills, and elements recognized by communities as part of their cultural legacy.

The Convention asserts that communities, as custodians of living heritage, have the right to recognition, protection, and transmission of their culture. Huan illustrates this with South Korea’s inclusion of “Kimchi-making culture for winter” in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. This recognition is based on both the technique and the cultural identity it represents.

Huan concludes by emphasizing that the “hustle and bustle atmosphere” is a reflection of local culture deeply ingrained in Songyang’s history. This culture extends beyond old streets and buildings to encompass people’s lifestyles, customs, and traditions, shaping Songyang’s unique character—a true “charm.”

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Losing Control of a Multi-Million Euro Startup – RJ’s Recap

This Article Delves into Daunting Challenges of this Young Entrepreneur

India, 3rd Sep 2023, King NewsWire – Controversies surrounding Shiftal, one of India’s top 5 blockchain companies, have been making headlines for quite some time. This article delves into the events leading up to this significant decision and sheds light on the challenges faced by the young entrepreneur.

Rishabh Jain, widely known as RJ in business circles, is recognized for his ethical values and visionary leadership. The issues that compelled him to step down as CEO were not related to any moral transgressions, but rather a complex web of corporate politics, rivalry, and investor pressures.

In an industry often marked by fierce competition, RJ chose to maintain his integrity as a maverick leader. This decision was not easy, as it involved relinquishing a significant share in a company he had nurtured from its inception and he did mention that some of his European investors who sought to pressure him into surrendering his equity in Shiftal.

However, it’s essential to recognize that Rishabh Jain is not entirely absolved from the challenges that befell Shiftal. As a first-time startup founder, he encountered a steep learning curve in handling the immense pressure and workload that comes with scaling a funded company. The distractions along the way added to his challenges. It’s worth noting that the journey of building a successful startup is riddled with obstacles, and even the most accomplished entrepreneurs have faced their share of setbacks before achieving triumph.

Since this controversy, Jain has maintained a low profile, avoiding the media spotlight. His current activities remain largely undisclosed, leaving many curious about his future plans. In a dynamic and often unpredictable startup landscape, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to take a step back, reflect, and regroup after a significant setback and break.

While the circumstances surrounding Rishabh Jain’s exit from Shiftal may raise questions, it’s important to remember that entrepreneurship is a path laden with both success and failure. The experiences gained from adversity often serve as valuable lessons for future endeavors. RJ’s journey, despite its challenges, exemplifies the resilience and determination required to navigate the complexities of the business world.

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AI Chatbots Threaten Middle-Level Sales Managers

United States, 3rd Sep 2023, King NewsWire – The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a panic across the sales industry, as middle-level sales managers are struggling to get their teams to hit quota.

One example of this is DealGetter9000.com, a chatbot that can automatically generate leads, qualify prospects, and close deals. The chatbot is so effective that it is causing some sales managers to lose their jobs.

“DealGetter9000.com is a game-changer,” said Stan Matthews, a former recruitment company sales manager who was laid off after his team started using the chatbot. “This is just one of many free tools out there. And they can do everything a human sales coach can do, but it can do it faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

The threat of AI is not just limited to chatbots. Other AI-powered tools, such as data analytics and predictive modeling, are also making it easier for businesses to automate sales processes.

Similar tools are putting pressure on middle-level sales managers, who are responsible for setting quotas and motivating their teams. They are now having to compete with machines that can do their jobs better and cheaper.

“It’s a very challenging environment,” said Mary Jones, a middle-level sales manager who is still employed. “I have to constantly be finding new ways to differentiate my team from the competition.”

There are a few things that middle-level sales managers can do to adapt to the rise of AI. They can focus on building relationships with customers, providing excellent customer service, and developing unique selling propositions that cannot be replicated by machines.

They can also embrace AI and use it to their advantage. For example, they can use AI-powered tools to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up their time to focus on more strategic activities.

The rise of AI is a challenge for middle-level sales managers, but it is also an opportunity. By embracing AI and using it to their advantage, they can stay ahead of the competition and continue to be successful in the years to come.

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