James Kenton Expands Distribution of High-Quality Metal Roofing Materials Beyond Nashville, TN

Mt. Juliet, TN, 30th September 2023, ZEX PR WIREJames Kenton is taking his commitment to excellence beyond Nashville, Tennessee, as he extends the distribution of high-quality metal roofing materials to serve a wider clientele. Kenton’s top-tier MetalMan Roofing System is now accessible to homeowners, contractors, and builders near Nashville, marking a significant step towards redefining roofing standards in the region.

The decision to expand the distribution of metal roofing materials is rooted in James Kenton’s firm belief that quality roofing should be accessible to everyone, regardless of location. Recognizing the enduring value and benefits of metal roofing, Kenton aims to empower communities with superior roofing materials.

“Quality roofing should not be limited by geography,” stated a press statement released by Kenton. “Our expansion in distributing high-quality metal roofing materials is a step towards making roofing excellence accessible to all, promoting durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. I hope to extend my reach and extend diverse solutions to nearby states facing similar environmental and structural challenges.”

High-quality metal roofing materials offer durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability advantages, and James Kenton is committed to ensuring that these benefits reach homeowners and businesses far and wide. By extending distribution, Kenton aims to contribute to more resilient and environmentally conscious building practices.

Kenton’s reputation in the roofing industry is built upon his extensive experience and dedication to innovation. His decision to expand distribution reflects his ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in roofing technology and design and his desire to provide customers with roofing solutions that stand the test of time.

As James Kenton‘s roofing materials reach new regions, they promise roofing solutions that exemplify quality, resilience, and energy efficiency to a broader audience, contributing to the transformation of roofing practices beyond Nashville.

As an independent contractor, Kenton plays a managerial role in operations. He handles schedules, ensures quality control, and provides quotes to homeowners and businesses across Nashville.

For more information about his installation, repair, and retrofitting services, visit https://jameskentonvstennessee.com/.

About James Kenton

Tennessee-based roofer James Kenton, originally from Massachusetts, is at the forefront of a roofing revolution. Kenton’s journey in Tennessee began after 15 years at a prominent metal roofing company in Marshfield. For more insights into Kenton’s present and future endeavors and his roofing services, click on the links below.

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