“Navigating GST Payments: Essential Guide for Newcomers to Canada”

Living abroad as a resident, student or immigrant with low income could be a daunting task. Where you are not sure where to begin, how to cope up with inflation and how it helps you to get the best in the business accommodation, living and most importantly education and health facilities.

However, these are not the concerns when you are a Canadian tax payer. Where you are get Next GST payment after 3 months. These payments are given to the low income tax payers which are known as GST payment dates for 2024. Each year these payments are made directly in the account of the tax payers so that they could enjoy their lives and avail all the opportunities for their lives.

The GST/HST is a non-taxable amount where the quarterly payments are made. If you are among those who falls under the category of low income group, then you qualify for the next GST payment.

The GST dates for 2024 begins with the January and most on the 5 of every fourth month these payments are made. 

But in case there are public holidays or Saturday and Sundays following on the dates then you can expect the payments to occur on the 8 of the month as per INC – Immigration News Canada.

  1. The eligibility criteria for GST payment:

If you are a resident of Canada for income tax purposes and your income is considered as low, then you are considered to be eligible for the GST payment. However, it is important to note for GST payment of 2024 you must be at least 19 years old.

You must also have a common spouse or a common law partner to be categorized in the CRA payment plan. Also for all those parents who lives with your child and was living previously are all considered to be eligible for the next payment of GST.

  1. How to become a CRA eligible person for payment?

One of the important thing to note about the GST dates for 2024 is to file a tax return. It is important to file a tax return even for those who are not employed this year and looking for some work still on the year plan.

If you are new member of Canada and looking to get the CRA payments, then you must seek professional help where you need to fill out few forms to become eligible for the payment.

Moreover, it is important to note that the Canadian citizen who have children.

However, it is important to mention that there is a different GST payment for different categories.

  • For all those people who are living as an individual in Canada $496.
  • Whereas, if you are married the Payment for GST will be around C$ 640.
  • On top of that if you have children you are given with the payment of C$ 171.

Therefore, you need to check up on your eligibility criteria and then only one could make out about the GST payment received for each quarter of the year.


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